Needle Bearing Double

Needle Bearing Double

If your application requires a universal joint that can run at high speeds with large offset angles for extended periods of time, we recommend the use of needle bearing type joints. Needle bearing universal joints are suited for high speed applications. They are manufactured with tight component part tolerancing and require no maintenance as they are lubricated for life. They offer high efficiency, silent running and low friction. The permissible rpm is higher than for those with friction bearings, but is still dependent on the load, duration of use as well as the angular displacement. Ideal applications allow speeds of up to 4000 rpm. See joint selection guide below to determine proper universal joint diameter for application.

For assistance in determining the proper joint size for your application, please refer to joint selection guide below or contact Curtis and provide us with your operating criteria and Curtis’s engineers will spec out a joint to meet your needs.

Please contact our customer service team at 888-885-6468.

Needle Bearing Applications

  • Conveyors
  • Commercial Sewing Machines
  • Bottle Capping Equipment
  • Bakery Equipment