Stainless Steel Double Joints – Solid

Double Joint - SolidCurtis double joints are available in 14 sizes, and share all of the advantages of Curtis single U-joints. Features include:

  • Solid Hubs to allow customer to modify to their specifications
  • Material is 303 grade stainless steel
  • Extra angularity allows standard units to operate at angles up to 70°.
  • Quick and easy TakeApart™ design for easy and economical disassembly and reassembly, with no special tooling required.
  • Firm, positive lockup of the entire assembly thanks to Curtis’ exclusive Tell-Tale Lock Ring.
  • Built-in lubrication passages with Curtis’ exclusive internal lubrication system.
  • Lubrication covers (boots) available in all sizes to retain lubrication and keep out contaminants, extending the life of the joint. Curtis Joints do not require grooves on hubs to retain boots.
  • Easy machinability due to Curtis’ soft hubs.
  • Smooth operations and longer life assured by close and well-controlled tolerances between mating parts and Curtis’ built-in lubrication system.
  • Perfect concentricity with hubs ground on center and centering holes provided on solid hubs to aid in machining.

Universal joint hub modifications are available per customer specifications, which include but may not be limited to bores, keyways, set screw holes, square holes and hex holes. Contact the Curtis sales department for more information.

Universal Applications

  • Concert Stages
  • Animated Characters
  • Conveyor Equipment
  • Clean Room Robotics
  • Hospital Equipment

Joints 7⁄8 inch or larger have Curtis’ user friendly Take Apart feature to allow for more specialized modification. Our large inventory allows O.E.M’s and users delivery on demand.

Also available in alloy steel.