Don’t leave home without it.

bore it out to the right sizeSome days, a little creativity is needed to make a driving and driven shaft come together. Somehow, someone got the shaft size a little bit wrong and you’ve got three hours to bring it all together.

Make the rabbit that you pull out of your hat one of our standard Curtis u-joints that can be machined on the spot to slide onto the mismatching shafts. Take our stock joint with the capacity to match the application requirements, take ten minutes to bore it to the shaft specifications, and you are in business.

sliding splineIf you are expecting the unexpected in an application, maybe it’s best if you take along a u-joint that is capable of it’s own trickery. A Curtis u-joint that incorporates a sliding spline can accommodate shaft displacement as well as misalignment. Add a second joint to the end of it and you can almost make the torque turn a corner. So, where an application has a chance to toss you a curve ball, think B/P joints first.