Curtis TakeApart Advantage

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Curtis Universal Joint customers enjoy a unique advantage when modification of standard joints is required. Our 78” to 4″ diameter joints are designed to be disassembled and reassembled without damage to the component parts. This TakeApart feature saves companies a great deal of time and money.

Other U-Joints Must Be “Abused” to Fit

In order to transmit power through an angle, there must be some means of affixing the shaft to the joint typically using a key, a cross pin or a set screw.

With most other universal joints, affixing the joint requires time-consuming disassembly of the joint for machining of the hubs. This can damage component parts, result in an improper fit upon reassembly, or even require the replacement of damaged component parts!

Curtis Joints Are Easily Adapted

take-apartCurtis joints (78” to 4.0″ O.D.) are designed with your end use in mind, and can be readily taken apart without the use of special tools. Curtis patented Tell-Tale Lock Ring TakeApart feature makes it easy to disassemble the joint, machine component parts, reassemble and install in the field without costly disassembly of other drive train components.

See for yourself, using the sketch shown here: it is a simple matter to disassemble and reassemble the joint, eliminating any possibility of damage to the joint ears, pins or center block.

The Curtis Tell-Tale Lock Ring snaps around either pin groove and fits into the recess of the centerblock. It is visible when installed, insuring firm, positive lockup of the entire assembly. The lock ring design facilitates quick disassembly and reassembly without the use of special tooling. This feature is especially beneficial in the field, as it enables easy removal of parts for repair or faster disassembly of the drive train by quick removal of the U-joint.

We’re Certain You’ll Notice the True Curtis Advantage

Later, under operating conditions, doesn’t it seem safe to assume that an “unabused” Curtis joint will hold up better in your application and give longer life than an “abused” joint? We think so. If you’re a Curtis customer, you’ll know so. All this plus universal joints backed by engineering excellence and service, service, service. That’s what we call the real Curtis Advantage!