Application Engineering

Application Engineering

U-joints can be tough to specify

Specifying the best u-joint for a particular application can be tricky. Loads, space and access constraints, and harsh operating conditions can combine to make for difficult choices. And to make matters worse, very few OEM designers and end users get involved with u-joint specification often enough to master the fine points.

Application support is our strength

We’ve seen it all… from the u-joint in portable x-ray machines to the joints in Disney’s animated characters and McDonald’s hamburger patty forming machines. Our engineers are seasoned power transmission experts with extensive experience designing and applying u-joints. Whether your solution dictates a stock or custom u-joint, we can partner with you from concept development, design and prototyping, all the way through production.

Give us a call

No need to feel alone in trying to determine the best u-joint solution. Call our Product Application Hotline at 888-287-8477. Whether it be in generating CAD drawings or manufacturing and testing u-joint prototypes in a timely manner, you’ll have our full attention.